University of Kent IV 2012

We, the Kent Debating Society, hosted our first Inter Varsity Debating Competition on the 31st of March, 2012

Here’s a link to the facebook page!

The competition is a British Parliamentary format debate – We will have four rounds, a semi and a final – All levels of debaters are welcome! – n-1 rule applies

Our Fabulous CA Team:

CA: Jordan Anderson
Ranked the 10th best Speaker in Europe at EUDC 2011 and has CA’d at Newcastle IV, Lancaster IV, Glamorgan Open and Heriot-Watt Open. He also has countless other DCA-ships and judging experience!

DCA: Alice Coombes Huntley
She has judged at Cambridge IV and CA’d at SOAS Schools. She has also judged at Dulwich schools! A first year who is very much looking forward to DCAing her first IV.

DCA: Andrew Rhodes
Andrew has broken at multiple IV’s as both a judge and speaker, and was a finalist at Trinity IV. He has also judged at Euros and been on the Debates Selection Committee at Oxford for over a year.

The Tab is available here.

The motions were:
1. This House Would Actively Encourage (Financially and Otherwise) Interracial Adoption

2. This House Would Place All Criminals With Proven Gang Or Organised Crime Connections In Solitary Confinement, With No Visitation Rights, Or Contact With The Outside World (Or Other Prisoners), For The Duration Of Their Prison Sentences

Info Slide: “Erotic capital” is a term invented by sociologist Catherine Hakim. It consists of six attributes: beauty, sex appeal, social skills, physical fitness and liveliness, social presentation and sexual competence. Hakim advocates the use of erotic capital by women for their economic and social advancement.

3. This House Believes That Feminists Should Embrace The Use Of Erotic Capital To Achieve Equality

Info Slide: US Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales is being held by the US Army as the primary suspect in the 11 March 2012 shooting spree in Panjwai, Afghanistan, in which 17 Afghan civilians (including 9 children) died.
“Shariah law” in Afghanistan is a blend of Islamic religious law and Afghan customary practices, which is widely applied (especially in rural areas) and prescribes the death penalty for certain crimes.
4. This House Believes The US Government Should Return Staff Sergeant Robert Bales To Afghanistan To Face Public Trial Under Sharia Law

Semi Final: THBT non-disabled actors should not be cast in disabled roles

Info Slide: You are Ebeneezer Scrooge, a “squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner” (as a later novelist might describe you), and a wealthy banker/money lender in London in 1843. You admire the Victorian workhouse, mistreat your employees and have nothing but contempt for the poor. You awake on Christmas morning having the distinct feeling that during the night you were visited by the ghost of your dead business partner and three other spirits, who warned you to change your ways or face a lonely death, and torment in the hereafter. It may have all just been a dream, or perhaps it really was a supernatural warning.
Final: THW ignore it as a dream and keep on as before.