Competitions Attended

Here’s a list of IVs we have attended and who’s been involved!

If you want to compete in IVs, email our debate convenor at

If you have an IV you wish to advertise, email or send an email to with details of the event.

IV Attended Speakers Judges Date
UCL IV 2012 Monifa Walters-Thompson
Hannah Ingleton
10th March 2012
Manchester IV 2012 Oliver Blackley
Oscar Gibbon
Monifa Walters-Thompson
Hannah Ingleton
Beth Eades
Joe Boulton
Caitlin Webb
Philip Pearson
24th February 2012
LSE Open 2012 Chima Rickards
Sulaiman Durrani
18th February 2012
Oxford Women’s Open 2012 Fiona Brittle
Joanna MacGregor
Neshay Aqueel
Hannah Ingleton
Monifa Walters-Thompson
Miranda Wheeler
Sahirun Subadar Agathee
Caitlin Webb
21st January 2012
Birmingham IV 2011 Hannah Ingleton
Joe Boulton
Fiona Brittle 17th December 2011
Kings IV 2011 Hannah Ingleton
Beth Eades
3rd December 2011
Cambridge IV 2011 Monifa Walters-Thompson
Joshua Thornton-Allan
18th November 2011
Imperial College Union Debating Society Open 2011 Neshay Aqueel
Sulaiman Durrani
30th October 2011
Bath IV 2011 Fiona Brittle
Oliver Hartland
Matt Burgess
Hannah Ingleton
Oliver Blackley 29th October 2011


Judging Breaks

Oscar Gibbon                  –                   Kent IV 2012 Semi Final

Fiona Brittle                    –                   Birmingham IV 2011

Oliver Blackley              –                    Bath IV 2011

Durham Schools Novice Final 2010