Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve enjoyed another great term of debating. This autumn term we’ve been to more competitions, held more guest lectures and debates, and run more socials than ever before.

None of this would have been possible without the involvement of members new and old, so many, many thanks to all of you!

For those of you that haven’t found the time to get involved with debating this term, or are looking to improve your public speaking, critical thinking, attend competitions hosted by top universities and take part in our socials, we’ve got a packed agenda for next term. Here’s how you can get involved…

Our Weekly Debates

We host weekly debates on contemporary topics. Part of our broader objective is to tap-in to the academic experience here at Kent in a way that is accessible for all, so roughly half of our debates feature a guest speaker with expertise on the topic.

The rest of our weekly debates are training sessions, with intensive training from experienced debaters and a more intimate setting to give debating a shot (you’ll be speaking in front of no more than ten people).

We’ll be releasing a term card early next term. Keep an eye out for it around campus for more information about what we’re up to every week. We also keep an updated term card on this site.

We meet at 6pm in Keynes LT5 every week, and we follow our meetings with drinks in K-Bar.

Our Speaker Development Program

For those of you that are looking to seriously master public speaking and competitive debating, we’re starting our Speaker Development Program this term. These will be held at 1pm on Wednesdays, and will feature competition specific training, tougher motions, and judge-training.

If you are looking to seriously compete at competitions and make Kent a force to be reckoned with (as well as sharpen your critical thinking and public speaking), email our Debate Convenor (Monifa) at debates@kentdebating.co.uk. 

Our Internal Competitions

We’re hosting a competition for University of Kent students on the 29th of January. This is a chance for everyone to get an idea of what debating competitions are like, and to give everyone a day’s worth of debating experience. We’ll be hosting more of these throughout the term, so if you can’t make the date look out for more events like this one.

The day will start out with a workshop, so even if you have no experience whatsoever do feel free to come and compete! Check out our internal competitions page for more information.

Inter-Varsity Competitions

We’ve got a number of national competitions on the calendar. If you’d like to compete at competitions round the country at the likes of Manchester, Oxford, LSE and many others, be sure to get involved at our meetings or in our Speaker Development.

These are excellent ways to boost your CV, improve your public speaking and debating with world-class feedback, and to attend a number of socials with like-minded debaters.

Stand for Election

Finally, if you’d like to get involved in the running of an academic innovative and developing society, you can stand in our elections which will take place early next term.

The positions of Vice-President and Treasurer are up for grabs, so if you want to get involved, email info@kentdebating.co.uk to receive more up to date information about the status of elections.


As always, to be eligible for speaker-development, competitions and to stand in our elections, you have to be a full member, which will cost you small fee of £3. You can do this at our Kent Union Page

If you have any other queries, feel free to email info@kentdebating.co.uk. A very Happy New Year from the Kent Debating Committee!

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