About Us

Kent Debating Society, voted Best New Society of 2009-2010, was set up by a group of students who felt something was missing amongst the huge range of student societies on offer. Some of us have experience in international competitions, others are complete beginners; some of us are law students, some of us are computer programmers but collectively we are united in a determination to provide a regular forum for Kent students to do what we love: arguing with each other!

The society meets on a regular basis to debate a topic on anything ranging from the legalisation of prostitution, to the detainment of Santa Clause. Debates take place following the format of what is known as ‘British Parliamentary’ style debating, something loosely based on the way motions are debated in Parliament (minus the jeering and monkey-business…mostly) which is also the official format of English IV competitions, competitions the society competes in. All members have plenty of support in familiarising themselves with these formats and developing their public speaking skills in a supportive environment.

As well as representing the University nationally, the society improves relations between the various communities/societies of our cosmopolitan campus and the surrounding area by holding debates between not only students but academics and politicians also. For instance, last year we held a debate between members of the law and computing school on the issue of internet piracy. Further to this, we are in the process of developing schemes beyond campus to give our members some exciting volunteering opportunities within the local community.

If you are considering a career involving the skills of public speaking, advocacy, argumentation and persuasion, the debating society is a great opportunity for these skills to be developed in a fun and stimulating environment.

So whether you have career ambitions that our society can help you realise or you just like to disagree with people, sign up to the Kent University Debating Society: there’s a good argument for joining!

A copy of our constitution is available here: Kent Debating Society Constitution