Ending on a High!

Hey Everyone – This is my final post as Kent Debating Society President 2012-2013.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved this year in making the society what it is. All of you who attended Inter Varsity competitions, training sessions, the radio show, inquire, publicity events, socials, guest speaker events, internal competitions, big debates, SSSDC and Kent IV helped so much with making the society grow! Everyone who gave their time to help us was truly invaluable and we hope that we have improved your debating, public speaking and confidence! Kent IV 2013 was again a massive success and the society seems to be growing wonderfully! It’s also brilliant to see that the hard work everyone puts in has been paying off!

Our European Universities Debating Championships Team, Sophie and I, broke for the first time ever for Kent at Oxford Women’s IV! We are very proud to be Kent’s first breaking team and we hope to see many more!

We have a Worlds Universities Debating Championships Team of Beth Eades and Daniel Demarmel’s going to WUDC in India at the end of this year! Good luck to the both of them! I know they will do us proud!

Hopefully Kent IV 2014 and Southern Schools Senior Debating Championships 2014 will be bigger and better than ever and good luck to the committee next year.

The purpose of this post is to inform you all that Kent Debating Society WON Kent Union Society of the Year 2012-2013!!!!!! A special well done to everyone who was on committee last year, debates aren’t the easiest thing to organise and everyone involved helped us get this win. All the work you put in has been appreciated and will be remembered by Kent Union and the rest of the committee! But of course, we would be nothing without our members and it’s the weekly turn out and willing volunteers who made our events what they were and hopefully will do in the future! It has been a really fun year and I hope you all enjoyed it too! Now it is marked by a great achievement and is hopefully something that KDS can build on in future years!

Thanks for reading and I wish the committee for next year the best of luck & thank you all for making my year of presidency amazing and one of the most successful years in KDS history!

Monifa Walters-Thompson
Kent Debating Society President 2012-2013
Over and Out

We have been busy!

Hello Dedicated Debaters!

Watch our first of many Kent IV Publicity videos! Also, check out the rest of our wonderful videos on youtube! They are all very exciting!

EUDC Trials on March 3rd in the Kent Union Conference Room. Hope to see as many of you there as possible! If you are interested e-mail debates@kentdebating.co.uk with your interest in trialling to book a space! If you do not email, you may not get a space on the trial!

WUDC Trials are on March 27th and the same deal as above – email interest to the DCs! Also, regulations for both of these are on the main pages and the union website so please read before you email your interest!

We are doing our next Kent IV Publicity video after debating on Tuesday so be sure to come along if you want some casual fun and silliness!

Last week we had a really sucsessful drugs debate about decriminalising illicit drugs and I know we have a couple of new members from that! Next week we will have a debate with an unseen motion and there will be a training on speaker style, so definately something not to miss!

We also have a social coming up next week wednesday! Another beautifully exciting event that will be filled with cocktails in Parkwood and promises to be wilder than the standard Tuesday night Kbar session so hope to see you all there!

I think that’s all our events this week, we really have a lot coming up so get ready for a debate filled last week of February!

Thanks for reading!

– President

This weekend!

This week we have a joint debate with the economics society. Tonight at six we will be debating “This House Would Blame Spain for the Economic Crisis” and hopefully the Hispanic society will come along too. All you debaters will get a crash course in judging if you aren’t debating the motion so be ready with pens and paper!

This weekend the Southern Senior Schools Debating Championships is finally taking place. With over 70 teams registered this should be a fantastic competition! The food is ordered, the judges will be prepped and ready and the CA team have a fantastic set of motions lined up! Hope to see people there and a massive thanks in advance to all the volunteers from Kent Debating Society who will make the day happen!

Last week we had a fantastic pub golf – 1920’s theme!  So well done to our new social secretary Shada for organising that! Bring on the next one!

Thanks for reading!